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An Unlikely Meeting

He had decided to go for a walk in the woods because it was a windy day and he loved the wind. Suddenly, the silence was interrupted.

“Look out below!”

He looked up and saw an object falling toward him. “Whoa!!!”

“Wow, nice jumping! I almost fell onto you.”

“Yah, be careful!”

“Oh I didn’t mean to but, the wind. I’m new to flying.”

“I can see why. You’re very young.”

“I’m two and you can’t be older than that.”


“I knew it! What’s your name?”

“Rieym, and yours?”


“I’ve never met a Pteranodon before!”

“And I’ve never met a Unicorn before!”

“So, what happened?”

“I was flying with my Mom and family, when a gust of wind hit and I was blown away with it. I was last in the ‘V’ so no one saw me fall.” she paused “I’m scared. I’ve never been lost before.”

“I’ll help you find them.”

“Oh would you!”

“Yes, get on!” At a break in the wind she flew aboard. “Okay, which way?”

“Into the wind, we were learning how to fly with the wind against us.”

“Okay hang on!” he said starting to run off.

After about five minutes he stopped “Why are you stopping?”

“I heard something. We unicorns have good hearing. We rarely think we heard something when we didn’t.”

“What did you hear?”

“Like a branch cracking and then a part of a growl. The wind slowed down then and I heard no more. The wind clearly carried the sound.” They both then just looked upwind perfectly still. Ten minutes went by and nothing. “When unicorns think they heard something they didn’t, it is usually a unicorn under three years old. I’m sorry; it must’ve been a false alarm.”

“It’s okay, lets go.” and he started running again. After about one minute a huge black bear lunged out from the trees and got in their way. He skidded to a stop. “Rieym what do we do?!”

“I don’t know! My horn has only just started growing. It’s little more than a thorn in size.” The bear charged and Rieym jumped aside, but it didn’t stop the bear. It just turned and kept up the chase. They just kept running.

“Why are you not outrunning it?”

“I’m too young. I hate being young!”

“Look! That log is making a ramp!”

“Yes but, if I use it, it’ll just follow me.”

“Not if you slow down a little and then change direction just before you pass it.”

“You’re right.” and he did it. He slowed down and just before the bear got him he changed course and took the ramp while the bear ran by next to it. He then used the ramp as a vantage point and jumped off landing on the bear’s head with his front hooves. This made the bear fall down a little. Rieym didn’t fall because he jumped off again, still using the bear’s head. The bear got up right away after stopping, but it was not fully recovered yet so Rieym went over, reared onto his hind legs and pounded its scull over and over until it fell to the ground. Then, for good measure, he did it once more with all of his power and smashed its scull in. They were very out of breath and shocked. It took them almost twenty minutes to gather themselves together again. But when they did, they looked at each other “Are you okay Flutter?”

“Physically yes but, I want my Mommy.”

“I know, me too.”

“Are you okay?”


Just then a voice called in the distance and getting ever closer “Flutter! … Flutter! … Where are you Flutter?”

“Mom! I’m over here!”


“Down here!”

“Oh Flutter!” Mom said flying down and scooping her off Rieym’s back “I love you! Where’ve you been?”

“With Rieym, my new friend.”

“Rieym you say.” she said looking over at him “Hello Rieym! Thank you for watching my daughter, but aren’t you a little young…” she then noticed the dead bear “In Aetos’ name what happened!?!”

“I was trying to get your daughter back to you when that bear attacked us. Together we beat it.”

She was speechless for a minute or two. All she could do was look at Rieym and her daughter. Back and forth until she looked at Rieym and said “I owe you a debt. I am eternally grateful. Where do you live?”

“Near the little stream, about three quarters of a mile west of here and a mile and a half southwest from the open field.”

“Oh, I think I know the spot. We live about one mile north of there. Come and visit sometime, but bring your family.”

“Of course, and thank you!”

“And you,” she said turning to her daughter “you may go and play with him whenever you want.”

“Really!!” she said surprised and happy. Mom nodded. “Awesome!!!”

Mom looked at Rieym again “Good day, Sir Rieym.” and she flew away with her daughter. Rieym watched them as they joined another group of about five young pteranodons. They took up the ‘V’ shape again and looked as though they were going home. After they flew out of sight, Rieym too went home.

Copyright © 2010 C. L. Richardson, All Rights Reserved; "An Unlikely Meeting" © Nathanael Eisner