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Chapter One: The Stray
Chapter Two: Kenobi
Chapter Three: Uneven Ground
Chapter Four: Quarry
Chapter Five: Making Friends
Chapter Six: Trouble
Chapter Seven: Antonio
Chapter Eight: Prideland
Chapter Nine: Jabari
Chapter Ten: Memories
Chapter Eleven: News From the North
Chapter Twelve: Murali
Chapter Thirteen: The Wanderer
Chapter Fourteen: Safe?
Chapter Fifteen: A Change of Heart?
Chapter Sixteen: Questions For Noah
Chapter Seventeen: Two-Timed
Chapter Eighteen: A Successful Hunt
Chapter Nineteen: Rescue
Chapter Twenty: Not Quite Enough
Chapter Twenty-One: Decision
Chapter Twenty-Two: Schemer
Chapter Twenty-Three: Murali's Lair
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Real Change of Heart
Chapter Twenty-Five: Lets Do This
Chapter Twenty-Six: Rescue
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Silver Scar
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Dawn
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Lords of the Plain

Copyright 2010 C. L. Richardson, All Rights Reserved; "Lord of the Plain" Nala15