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Part Twenty-Two - The Eyes of the Enemy

Just a little more…there! He flipped himself onto his feet and stood up. Now where’d that traitor go? He thought as he scanned the area. There he is! “Look who’s a sitting duck!” he yelled at Zawkane.

“Yeah, I bet you still couldn’t kill him though.”

“Who said that?” he said looking around. A white horse was stepping toward his left side. “How dare you mock me.”

“Oh, did you hear that? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, I meant every word,” she answered.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” a voice from the right said. Turning he saw it was the boy. “He is such a terrible fighter; he couldn’t hit a boulder at three feet away.”

“You are a words length away from death boy,” he answered growling.

“Whoa! I’m real scared,” the boy answered.

“Say that again and you’ll die!” he answered roaring.

“Oh, if you do try to kill him,” a third voice said to the left. He looked and it was the black horse. “Make sure to watch where you put your feet, you might trip on them.”

There must be something going on here, but what? Zawkane isn’t moving and the pool of blood is growing larger every minute. He thought to himself. “What is going on here!” he yelled. “You puny creatures are dealing with a dragon warrior. Why are you taunting me? Are you trying to commit suicide?”

“No, we just want to play a little bit of a game called ‘tag’,” the boy answered.

“And what kind of a game is that? Who can get killed first?”

“No, you pick someone to be the chaser,” the boy answered again. “And he, or I guess in this case it’s a ‘she’ chases the other players until she tags another and then they’re the chaser.”

“I am no she!”

“Oh, I guess I couldn’t tell. There are truly no distinctions on you to say you’re a guy,” the boy said studying him.

“Can’t you hear my voice?”

“No, I’m deaf. I only read lips,” the boy said.

“My lips don’t move much, how could you possibly be able to tell my words from them?”

“Are we going to argue about your gender or are you going to tag someone?” the boy asked.

“I’ll gladly give you the tip of my claws at the first opportunity. Better start running; you’ll need the head start.”

The boy started running directly away from him. Okay, enough of a start, now he’s mine! He bolted after the boy. He cut the distance between them in thirds with each stride. The boy suddenly took a left. Oh, those small creatures can turn so fast. He thought to himself as he slid across the grass.

He was ready this time for a surprise turn. The boy was zigzagging back and forth so it was hard to know exactly when he might turn. He was closing the gap. Fifteen feet … ten feet … he leapt forward. His plan was to crush him under his weight. The boy turned nearly completely around, as if he didn’t want to be in that spot any longer.

Wait! Where’s Zawkane! He looked right just in time to see a wall of flames shooting at him. Moments later his black scales turned even blacker as they burned in the blaze. “NO!!!” he shouted. “You tricked me!”

He fought the flames with his claws, trying to scrape it off. “You may have beaten me, but mark my words, one day you all will be hunted down.” He dropped to the ground as his muscles failed. “There is no escaping Sirrush. He will get you for your crimes.”

He could barely breathe anymore. “This battle…hasn’t even…begun yet. …You’ll…see!” The world faded and his lungs emptied for the last time. He was gone.

Copyright © 2010 C. L. Richardson, All Rights Reserved; "Untamed Picture" © Nathanael Eisner