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Part Twenty-Nine - Letters and Words

Tom was in a state of complete confusion. He had accomplished an impossibility. There had to be an explanation as to how. He lowered the camera to watch the horses have their evening fun as he contemplated this puzzle. Another shock met his eyes.

Hovering over the center of the lake was the shape of an eagle. Only the outline was visible. It was like a perfect connect the dots. You could see the beak, head, wings, even each feather, but it wasn’t filled in, like an unfinished drawing. Just one thing separated it from both of these; it was alive and fully 3D! The fact that the lines were made of light was another distinction.

The eagle was huge; at least the height of a basketball hoop, and it was looking right at him. It opened its beak and spoke words in a powerful male voice. “As you have guessed, under natural laws this couldn’t have happened. I am The One who caused this to happen. I sent the picture back in time so you would buy it. I sent the camera back so that you could win it at a basketball shootout.”

Tom knew the voice. It was the same one that spoke to him inwardly a few hours ago. Tom had no idea what to say, so he spoke what was on his mind. “I assume that you are this ‘Aetos’ that I keep hearing about. I still don’t understand everything that I’ve heard. But I have a feeling that I never will understand you so I won’t ask. I would like to know why you did what you describe.”

“I wanted to answer one of your biggest questions about Me. I wanted to show you that it is possible for a single moment to transcend time. It is a rare occurrence and it is only possible with My help. This is a simple example of the moment which all universes share. They all were created and they all will be destroyed, but those events either start or end time. They happen before the first moment or after the last. There is a moment which they all share. That moment was and is a gift which I have given My creations. You wanted to know how that moment millennia ago, in your world, could affect you today. The answer is because I caused it to.”

“So you are in all the worlds?” Tom asked scratching his head.

“Yes, and it is time for you to go back to yours,” Aetos answered.

“Will I ever see Chaphar and Shehleg again?” Tom asked holding his hand in a ‘wait’ signal.

“If you would like, I can arrange for you to come back,” Aetos answered.

“I would like that a lot,” Tom said nodding.

“Then you shall return. When you do, Shehleg will be waiting for you, but Chaphar’s work is nearly complete. You shall not see him again.”

Aetos’ words brought both sadness and joy to Tom’s heart. Chaphar appeared above the hill and a herd of horses ran by him. When they’d all passed, Chaphar stood alone. He didn’t stay that way long. Shehleg joined him.

Tom waved his hand high in the air as tears rolled down his cheeks. They responded by rearing high and pawing the air fervently. They neighed louder than Tom had ever heard as they shook their manes wildly.

Tom re-raised the camera and snapped the shot. Milliseconds later, the sun went down, but instead of night, Tom saw complete darkness. Tom opened his eyes, he didn’t know he had closed them, and found himself looking up at his ceiling.

He was lying in his bed, covered with the light off. Stars stared back at him from outside his window. He thought back to his last memories before Chaphar. He had looked at the picture, started laughing and leaned back onto his bed. His parents must have found him like that and touched him in for the night.

He sat up and turned his bedside lamp on. The picture he had bought was standing on the same table, but it was different. Both Chaphar and Shehleg were standing on the hill and their entire herd was in the lake. This was the picture he had snapped seconds ago, not the one from years back. It was the same frame, but different shot.

He reached into his pocket, only the letter and comb remained. The camera was gone, and so was the Bible. He pulled out the two remaining items. He placed the comb on the table and unfolded the letter, Rick’s Letter. He began reading it.


Dear Timothy, Jr.

I know your life has not always been the best, but I want you to know that it won’t always be that way. I’ve told you already that I went through much the same thing when I was your age. I recall that you were surprised to hear that and I know why. My life is much different now than then. I also told you the reason for that.

I hope I have not scared you away. That was the last time I saw you, both here at church and anywhere. That is why I am writing you this letter. I hope to let you know that there are people who love and care for you. Just give them the chance to show it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you return to church or not and whether you reply to this letter or not, I hope that one day, you can picture why Jesus did what He did. That you would understand how His sacrifice 2,000 years ago can still impact your life today.

He loves you Tom. More than you will ever know. More than I know. I pray that Jesus reveal this to you in his own time and way. So that He can write your name down in a book that will never disintegrate.

May Jesus Christ keep you ever under His wings! (Deuteronomy 32:9-12; Malachi 4:2-3; Matthew 23:37; Psalms 17:8-9, 57:1, 61:1-4, 91:1-4)

Your friend,
Rick Dianik


Yes! Tom decided. I will go back and answer this letter in person. I will do as he describes, even if I am eight years late. Sunday is tomorrow and one way or another I will return. Tom laid the letter neatly on the table. He quickly changed into his pajamas, turned off the light and went to bed. He had some things to do in the morning.

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