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Welcome to the Kingdom Lit collection! All of our stories are listed in alphabetical order in
the black box below. Titles are listed first, followed by the name of the author, a brief description,
and fiction rating. Please click the link at the bottom of the page to see a description of fiction ratings.

An Unlikely Meeting by Nathanael Eisner
A yearling unicorn goes out for a stroll in the forest near his home when he meets two unexpected surprises! Rated K for violence.

Fourtails by Unlost Soul
Sam, Oliver, Molly and Jaz are four farm cats who don't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to the man in the big white house. Some call him blessing while some call him curse, but when danger comes he may be the only one who can save them. Rated K+ for brief violence.

Leviathan: The Living Legend by Nathanael Eisner
Legend tells of a fierce serpent who roams the seas. It can consume whole ships, destroy entire fleets, and survive anything. But, that is today, how would such a creature have come to be? What was its beginning like? This is a possible answer. Rated K.

Lord of the Plain by Nala15
Manzi, a young lioness cub, and her friend Shani the zebra, unexpectantly come across an abandoned lion cub named Garoe and take him to Manzi's pride for protection. No one knows where Garoe came from or who he is, but soon after he is adopted by Manzi's family, two bounty hunters - a cheetah and his reptilian partner - start trying to take Garoe away from them. Now it's up to Manzi and Shani, and their cheetah friend Noah, to protect Garoe and find out why the bounty hunters are after him. Rated K+ for mild violence.

Sera Imara by C. L. Richardson
He was born into a privileged pride, then banished into an unforgiving world. It was there that a lion named Jenghis met the Creator called Yesu, and accepted the call that would lead him home. Rated T for violence and adult themes.

Untamed Picture by Nathanael Eisner
A ten year old boy buys more than he knew! (Story not yet rated.)

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